Let’s Talk About Tobacco Pouches

Nothing spells delight more than having an awesome tobacco pouch that goes along well with your Mr. Brog briar pipe. It’s awesome that this European pipe maker has its own special line of specialty tobacco pouches that hold both the classical feel and look while having a string of modern improvements.

Mr. Brog Tobacco Pipes has been manufacturing quality pipes and pipe smoking accessories in Poland since 1947. All of its pipes come from Poland and the company takes pride in having been able to sell over 2,000,000 pipes since the first year of its existence. Mr. Brog is currently expanding to the international market to cater to the needs of international pipe smokers who need quality pipes and accessories at genuinely affordable prices. The Mr. Brog guarantee has always been “affordable without lacking quality,” which has made it an easy favorite in the European Union, generally.

Let’s talk about tobacco pouches. Tobacco pouches are an essential part of your pipe smoking accessories because these keep our tobacco dry and in the process, you are also able to conserve the precious flavor of the leaves, so you can enjoy them better later on. Mr. Brog offers a considerable line-up of great tobacco pouches for every preference.

The most basic option is the 6” x 3” Softbox Leather Tobacco Pouch that costs only $23.99. This one has a magnetic closure and is quite portable, so you can easily fit it in your bag or in the glove compartment of your car/truck. For a tobacco pouch with a handle, we recommend the Sheep Napa Leather Tobacco Pipe Pouch Combo, which can be used to store both your pipe and your cut tobacco. This one has an additional outer pocket for tobacco tools and any additional accessories you use frequently.

If you want something that stands on its own, then you need the PU Leather Cigar Pouch. This one has a cylindrical form factor and a large outer pocket for your lighter and other accessories.

The big difference is that it can stand on its own without assistance, so you can put it on the table or any other surface and not worry about it sliding off or falling over. For a simpler look and a single zipper, there’s the Pipe Tobacco Pouch, which has less space and is flatter, but is perfect for pipe smokers who want to save space in their bags or glove compartment.

Generally speaking, the bulkier the bag, the more space you have, but in the case of Mr. Brog pouches, they’re all spacious inside, so any one of the available tobacco pouches are a good pick because of space and the material used. Pouches that have a rubber lining can be used specifically to preserve the flavor of tobacco leaves, so if you have flavored tobacco and other types of tobacco that are sensitive to open air and humidity, pick these instead. Diesel leather variants that are generally wider and deeper than the more portable ones are great for folks who have plenty of tobacco and accessories, but nowhere to put them.

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